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Company: Jiangsu Yuxing Industry & Trade Co., Ltd
Name: Mr. Chen
Position: Sales Director
Tel: +86 510 8711 0080
          +86 187 9568 1666
Fax: +86 510 8711 0688
Address:No.99 East HongTa Road, Yixing Economic and Technological Development Zone, Jiangsu Province,214201, P.R.China

Yuxing big note

Sailing Chapter: Yuxing opens new beginning

      Year of 1977, The establishment of Yuxing gave fresh blood to the development of iron oxide pigment in china

      Year of 1980 The demand for iron oxide pigment increased and Yuxing expanded its capacity to build Yuxing brand.

Building Chapter. Development of Yuxing

       Year of 1989, In order to promote the development of iron oxide and capture the market, Yuxing decided to adjust its management and sales from state owned to personal owned and by doing this,Yuxing got excellent result

Year of 1993,  Yuxing brand was made and Yuxing trade mark was confirmed and this remarked the new benchmark in the field of iron oxide pigment

Year of 996 According to the yearly report, the production of iron oxide pigment reached 10 thousand tons and it had increased 10.8 percent compared with last year,this marked Yuxing leading role in the field of iron oxide pigment in china.

Year of 1999 Yuxing passed the ISO9002

Advancing Chapter-Metamorphosis of Yuxing

Year of 2003  Yuxing finished the confirmation of ISO9001:2000

Year of 2004  By cooperating with Longshan chemical,Yuxing established Longxing chemical and the first stage investment is about 30 million and Longxing produced 30 thousand tons of nitric acid which relieved the short supply of nitric acid in Yuxing.

Year of 2005  Council of iron oxide pigment which was branch of china coating was open in Yixing and the chairman of Yuxing gave a speech in this meeting to declare the first time that Yuxing was the largest iron oxide pigment manufacturer in china,

Year of 2005, Building of stage two of longxing chemical began and started to produce by December , there were two lines in Longxing with yearly production of 60 thousand which guarantee the supply of nitric acid for Yuxing Pigment.

Year of 2005  The 7th workshop in Yuxing was put into production with yearly production 20 thousand tons which marks that Yuxing yearly capacity reached 100 thousand tons

Year of 2005  Yuxing passed the ISO14000

Year of 2005  The audit team which was made by Environmental protection department of Jiangsu Province、Environmental protection bureau of Wuxi and Environmental protection bureau of Yixing inspected Yuxing and this team gave praised the clean production in Yuxing and passed the clean production.

Transforming Chapter. Revolution In Yuxing

Year of 2006  Yuxing was selected as the Council Member In Iron oxide part of china coating

Year of 2006  Iron Oxides for the colorant&chemical applications 2006 which was held by Intertech opened in shanghai and General manager-Mr lei was invited to give an important speech in the meeting.

Year of 2007 GB/T 1863-1989 had an history of 18 years since 1990. With the development of economy、Adjustment of structure of product this demand can no longer satisfy the demand of customers.So, The council decided to revise GB/T 1863-1989 and Yuxing-as the largest iron oxide pigment manufacturer in china was invited to set new standard

Year of 2007 Yuxing invested 10 million to build ammonia nitrogen treatment which was the most advanced in china and by doing this,Yuxing became the first enterprise in china to work our emission problem.

Year 2008 The name of Yixing Yuxing Pigment factory was changed to Jiangsu Yuxing Industry & Trade Co.,Ltd

Year of 2008  Yuxing was awarded as Jiangsu Famous trademark

Year of 2009  The award ceremony of china coating 2008 was held in Diaoyutai Hotel and Chairman Mr lei was invited and in this ceremony Yuxing was awarded as “ Top 10 supplier of china coat 2008

Pursuing Chapter--Breakthrough of Yuxing

Year of 2010, Yuxing passed ISO9001  and ISO14001 and the audit team spoke high of our achievement in the management of quality and environment protection and our technology innovation/equipment adjustment/personal trainee/new product development/quality control  and environmental protection of iron oxide pigment

Year of 2010 Yuxing invested 50 million to bring in the most advanced drying machine in china and by doing this,Yuxing not only increased its capacity but also promoted the product quality of the stability in tinting strength/water soluble matter and conductivity. Yuxing became the most advanced factory in china in the filed of production/drying and The working place became clean and Yuxing has harmonious development with nearby factories and environment.

Year of 2011  Yuxing became international famous brand in Wuxi,this is another important accomplishment after“Jiangsu famous brandand Jiangsu famous trademark

Year of 2011  Yuxing attended the first Eurasia Commodity and trade Expo which was held in Wulumuqi , During this important meeting,Yuxing  introduced in details of Yuxing iron oxide pigment which was welcome by all the customers

Year of 2012 Based on the concept of Technology develops Company,Yuxing inviated foreign technical adviser--Mr P.R. RAMANATHAN to attend annual technical conference who brought the most advance technology and that will help Yuxing get self promoted

Flying chapter. Yuxing became industry pioneer

Year of 2014.Yuxing establishes Huayi (Yixing) Performance Pigment Co.   with investment of 0.6 billion and it is the largest and world third iron oxide pigment factory, with low carbon/low energy consumption and stable quality,Yuxing steps into annual capacity of 200 thousand

Year of 2016, Yuxing invested 0.12 billion to upgrade environmental protection machines and by December, it has been accepted and now Yuxing becomes the pioneer in the field of iron oxide pigment in environmental protection issues.